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Glow Up Serum
Glow Up Serum
My Trinity Essentials

Glow Up Serum

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Our handcrafted face serum is crafted with all organic skin loving oils that have been infused with organic herbs, love and great intentions for your mind, body & soul. This oil is very lightly scented with essential oils for more great skin benefits. This serum is great to use after washing and toning your skin to incorporate moisture back into the skin after cleansing and give you a radiant glow, helps even out skin tone, lighten blemishes, minimize wrinkles and more.This oil can also be used as a body oil and hair oil. 

Our serum is a mixture of organic almond oil, grapeseed with vitamin A oil, rose hip oil, carrot oil, tea tree, lavender and ylang ylang essential oils. Herbs used are calendula,  rosemary & roses.

Ingredients: 100% organic oils & herbs

  • Almond Oil- moisturizer and great for all skin types, helps with toning the skin
  • Grapeseed Oil- great for fine lines &wrinkles
  • Rosehip Oil- promotes skin regeneration & reduce ace scars.
  • Carrot Oil- anti-aging, loaded with collagen 
  • Tea Tree Oil- anti-inflammatory great for acne prone skin.
  • Ylang Ylang- antiseptic & anti-inflammatory 
  • Rose petals-soothes skin irritations
  • Calendula-anti-fungal & anti-bacterial 

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