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Ebony & Ivory
My Trinity Essentials

Ebony & Ivory

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Our Ebony & Ivory bar is an all natural mild bar scented with lavender, & ylang ylang essential oils.  This bar is great to use on the face but can be used all over the body. It's loaded with excellent detoxifying benefits, activated charcoal added to assist with drawing out toxins and honey that acts as an antibacterial and is great for the skin.Our bars are infused with love and great intentions for your mind, body & soul. After cleansing with this bar follow up with a toner of choice and use our Glow Up Serum for a radiant natural glow.

 Honey-is an natural humectant it helps with moisture and helps with bacteria on the skin.

Activated Charcoal-cleanses the skin, unclog pores and draws out toxins.

Ylang ylang -is said to have beautifying properties and aphrodisiac properties when used on the body.

Lavender- has calming properties, anti-fungal and could assist in overall skin health. 

Colors and design of bars will vary but ingredients are always as shown

Ingredients: coconut oil,palm oil, shea butter, vegetable glycerin ,rice bran oil,honey, purified water, activated charcoal,lavender & ylang ylang essential oils , sodium hydroxide,sorbitol, and oat protein.peppermint leaves & calendula flowers

Please spot test before using product.

If irritation occurs after using this bar please discontinue use

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