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Lemon Honey  Tumeric Scrub
My Trinity Essentials

Lemon Honey Tumeric Scrub

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Our all natural Lemon Honey Scrub was handcrafted to exfoliate,detoxify, moisturize  and assist with evening out your skin tone for a more radiant appearance.

Use Consistently 2-3x a week for dry, normal to combination skin.

Use 1x a week for sensitive skin or oily skin.

Directions: Stir scrub with wooden stick before applying it. Massage onto a slightly wet face in a circular motion avoiding eye area. Scrub can be left on face for a few minutes . After thoroughly exfoliating skin, rinse with warm water and massage leftover oils in your face and air dry. Suggested use in shower during your bath time for a more enjoyable pampering experience.

If any irritation occurs please discontinue use immediately.

No preservatives in this item please keep container dry and airtight.

*Please be advised that the tumeric in this product may cause discoloration on your towel, nails or clothing*

-Sugar acts as an exfoliant

-Shea Butter provides moisture to skin and help evens put skin tone

-Coconut Oil- antibacterial , hydrating & moisturizing.

-Grapeseed Oil-powerful antioxidant, moisturizing and can assist in boosting collagen and reducing wrinkles.

-Honey- antibacterial & moisturizing

-Lemon powder- is rich in citric acid and works as a brightening agent and is great for skin vitality.

-Tumeric powder -is an anti-inflammatory and great for skin discoloration.

-Lemon oil-detoxifies and rejuvenates tired skin.

-Rosemary oil- protects the skin cells and is a great disinfectant.

-Tea tree- is an antibacterial agent used to calm inflammation

-Rosehip seed oil-full of vitamins and antioxidants great for fine lines and wrinkles.

-Vegetable Glycerin- is a natural humectant used to seal in moisture.

Ingredients: Organic Cane Sugar, Organic Local Honey, Organic Tumeric Powder, Grapeseed Oil, Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Shea Butter, Rosehip Oil, Vegetable Gyclerin, Lemon, Rosemary Oil & Tea Tree oil

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